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Smooth and silky, textured and coarse, patterned and basic - your home will need a balance of fabrics to create visually interesting and tactilely pleasing interiors. Delux Drapery and Shade has an extensive fabric library consisting of over twenty brands so homeowners can cover their all windows, pillows, and furniture with the right material for that perfect “feel”.

Woman looking at fabric swatches for custom curtains

The fabrics you choose will ultimately depend on what you intend to use them for: tweed, for example, provides eye-catching texture and depth when used for window shades, but is not ideal for sheets or the family sofa. At Delux Drapery and Shade, our experts are prepared to help you pick out the perfect fabrics for all your interior home accents. Some of our favorite fabrics include:


Cotton is one of most accessible and common home décor fabrics. Cotton is durable, hypoallergenic, static resistant, and breathable, making it a good choice for the majority of home décor, from your living room furniture to your bedsheets. Cotton also blends well with other fabrics and dyes and prints easily, making it a ready choice for custom window treatments. It is absorbent but takes longer than other fabrics to dry, making it vulnerable to mildew and best preserved in areas away from moisture and humidity.


Linen promotes a relaxed, comforting feel in your room. Its natural materials are weaved with a unique texture that allows the fabric’s beauty and individuality to deepen with age. It is a good choice for home décor that will see more wear, and while less wrinkle-resistant than other fabrics, linen is easily cared for and works well as lightweight curtains and washable upholstery.

Custom fabrics in Ann Arbor, MI and custom drapery fabric near Ann Arbor, Michigan (MI)
custom drapery fabric near Ann Arbor, Michigan (MI)


The luxuriousness of silk is unmatched. Despite its delicate look, it is one of the strongest natural fibers available. It is wrinkle-resistant and provides a lightweight insultation, which is why it is often used for smooth bedsheets. Silk does require careful maintenance and can be easily damaged by water and sunlight. Silk is therefore best utilized to create eye-catching accents and should not be used on décor pieces that will see frequent use.


Velvet is a heavier fabric that adds class and sophistication to your home décor. Velvet makes a bold visual statement when used on furniture and drapes; homeowners should choose vivid, royal tones for a classic look or light, neutral tones for a contemporary twist. The short upright pile gives this fabric its renowned softness, its coveted texture is also vulnerable to dust and wear. To ensure velvet’s longevity, use it for accents and for drapes in rooms less prone to dust and use.


Polyester is a synthetic fabric that holds up well to time and wear. It is water and stain resistant, but at the cost of less breathability. Polyester makes for a great inexpensive performance fabric in high-traffic homes, making it an ideal fabric for rugs, cushions, curtains, and any item that sees heavy use.


Rayon is the oldest synthetic fabric and was developed as an alternative to cotton and linen. It is now often blended with other fabrics to combine natural style with manmade durability. Rayon is a practical window treatment and upholstery fabric. While rayon “shades” with use as different parts of the pile are crushed in different directions, the shading provides appealing visual interest in a room and can be brushed out as needed.


Acetate is a kind of rayon that resembles silk. It is wrinkle-free and drapes well, and while it is less durable than other synthetic fabrics, it won’t fade in sunlight, making it a luxurious but cost-effective alternative to silk drapes, pillows, and furniture.

Our Custom Fabric Brands

Fabric instantly personalizes your soft home accents to you and your home. Patterned and basic fabrics show off your individual style while performance fabrics maintain their integrity even in the most active of homes. To suit all of your home décor needs, our fabrics come from respected interior design names including:

  • Anna French
  • Barrow
  • Carole
  • Charlotte Fabrics
  • Fabricut
  • Greenhouse
  • J.F. Fabrics
  • Kasmir
  • Kravet
  • Liberty Fabrics
  • Luxury Fabrics
  • Maxwell
  • Mitchell Fabrics
  • Morris & Company
  • Norbar
  • Pindler
  • RM Coco
  • Romo
  • S. Harris
  • Schumacher
  • Stout
  • Stroheim
  • Thibaut

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Our fabrics, window treatments, bedding, wallpaper, furniture and more make Delux Drapery and Shade your local home decorating resource. Call or contact us today for information on our full fabric selection, or visit us in-store in Ann Arbor, MI. We serve the Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Saline, Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester, Howell, and Brighton, MI communities as well all of Washtenaw County, Michigan. We look forward to working with you on your next home decorating project.

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