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Drapery Hardware

Delux Drapery & Shade Co. is a full-service interior design center, and as such, we help our clients with every part of their interior decoration. In addition to our collection of custom draperies, we offer a full selection of drapery hardware. Drapery hardware can add a decorative accent to your windows or help tie the look of a room together. Our selection includes curtain rods, curtain rod brackets, finials, curtain clip rings, and curtain holdbacks. We offer drapery hardware from several manufacturers so that our customers have a wealth of material and design options. Our brands include Aria, Brimar, Byron & Byron, Claire Deco, Fabricut, The Finial Company, Forest, J.F., Kirsch, Ona, Paris Texas, Sahara, and more.

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Arguably the most important piece of drapery hardware, curtain rods allow your drapery to open and close. We offer metal, resin, and wooden curtain rods, which will enable you to choose the aesthetic that matches your interior design. If your curtains have rod pockets, you want to choose a curtain rod that will comfortably fit into the drapery pocket. Otherwise, you can use curtain rings to slide your drapery across the curtain rod. We offer curtain rods in various sizes and weights and even have curved models to provide an interesting decorative element.


These drapery hardware systems use a series of hooked wheels to move your drapery along a track. These curtain rod alternatives are usually used for sliding glass doors and tall windows. Traverse tracks are also great for hanging drapery as a room divider or door.

Curtain Rod Brackets

Curtain rod brackets can change the design of your drapery hardware and make a practical difference in how your curtain rods are hung. Our curtain rod brackets are available in finishes that match our curtain rod selection. We offer brackets designed for handing your curtain rod on the wall, ceiling, or window frame. We also have curtain rod brackets that allow you to hang a double curtain rod in your window. These double rods will enable you to hang two different curtain weights or opacities for more light control. We also offer curtain rod brackets with decorative elements like cherubs and leaves to add visual interest to your curtain rods.

Aria Drapery Hardware, Curtain Rods, Brackets, Rings, Finials, Wands, Curtain Holdbacks, near Ann Arbor, Michigan (MI)
J.F. Drapery Hardware, Curtain Rods, Brackets, Rings, Finials, Wands, Curtain Holdbacks, near Ann Arbor, Michigan (MI)

Curtain Clip Rings

Rings are used to move most pleated drapery across a curtain rod. Our collection of curtain clip rings includes metal and wooden designs, and we offer round and square rings. When choosing curtain clip rings, you want to ensure you select a strong enough ring that is large enough to fit the diameter of your curtain rod.

Finials & End Caps

These decorative elements fit at the end of curtain rods to keep your drapery or curtain clip rings from sliding off the edge. End caps tend to be simple stoppers, while finials are much more decorative elements. We offer finials in metal, resin, wood, and glass. Finial shapes range from spheres and knobs to finely carved leaves, flowers, and branches. You can match your finials to other decorative elements and accessories in your rooms.


These thin rods pull your drapery along the curtain rod or traverse track. Choose from metal, resin, or wooden options that match your curtain rod, curtain rod bracket, and other decorative elements. We offer both simple wands and decorative wands that feature carved elements. Each wand is constructed to be functional and beautiful.

Curtain Holdbacks

Also called tiebacks, these pieces of drapery hardware keep your curtains out of the way when they are open. Our custom drapery is available with fabric curtain holdbacks or tassels that can be connected to small hooks in the wall or tied around your drapery to keep it out of the way. We also carry a selection of metal and wooden curtain holdbacks that you can attach to the wall at the edge of your windows. Our curtain holdbacks can feature decorative elements like leaves and spheres to match the finials and curtain rod brackets that are part of your drapery hardware set.

Kirsch Drapery Hardware, Curtain Rods, Brackets, Rings, Finials, Wands, Curtain Holdbacks, near Ann Arbor, Michigan (MI)


  • Aria
  • Brimar
  • Byron & Byron
  • Claire Deco
  • Fabricut
  • The Finial Company
  • Forest
  • J.F., Kirsch
  • Ona
  • Paris Texas
  • Sahara
  • …and more

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