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Custom Bedding

Your bedroom is a space set aside for you. It’s where you rest and relax, where you get ready in the morning, and where you wind down at night. Maybe your bed is your own private reading nook, or the front-row seat to your personal home theater. A bedroom can be a lot of things, but most importantly, it’s yours. Make it truly your own with custom bedding. Delux Drapery & Shade helps homeowners create custom comforter sets, duvet covers, shams, bed skirts, throw pillows, bedcovers, coverlets and more.

Layering your Custom Bedding

Bed Skirts

Bed skirts are optional bedding pieces, but they help provide your bed with a more put-together look, especially if none of your other layers are very long. A bed skirt goes between your mattress and box spring, tastefully hiding your bed’s bare layers with its ruffles, scallops, or tailored edges while also giving your bed an extra personalized touch.

Custom bed skirts and custom bedding from Delux Drapery & Shade near Ann Arbor, Michigan (MI)
Custom sheets and custom bedding from Delux Drapery & Shade Co near Ann Arbor, Michigan (MI)

Custom Sheets

Sheets are the first layer of your bed, and because you sleep between the fitted and flat sheet, the right material is especially important. The optimal thread count of your sheets will depend on what they are made of. Linen and flannel make good choices for warm and cold bedrooms and have lower thread counts between 80 and 140. Meanwhile, cotton and percale weave have a larger range of optimal thread counts between 200 and 400, and silk has an optimal thread count of 400 and above. Once you’ve decided on the material of your sheets, you should coordinate your sheets’ color and design with the rest of your bedding. Keep them basic and let your duvet or quilt take the center stage, or allow your printed sheets to peek out from under your pillows for visual interest. Pro tip: If your flat sheet is non-reversable, then it should be laid on the mattress “front” side down, so that when folded back against the duvet or comforter, the front will be revealed.

Custom Comforters

Comforters keep you warm. Down comforters are lighter and more insulating than their alternative down counterparts, though alternative down is less expensive and more allergy-friendly. The fill power of your comforter will also determine how much warmth it provides - a higher fill power results in a fluffier, warmer layer. The warmth of your comforter will thirdly rely on its construction: a baffle box comforter consists of boxes of fill that keep your bed evenly warm, while a channel comforter lets the fill shift. Comforters are great, no-fuss top layers for your bed, and while this makes them trickier to wash, you can protect them with a complementing cover.

Custom comforter and custom bedding from Delux Drapery & Shade Co near Ann Arbor, Michigan (MI)
Custom duvet covers and custom bedding from Delux Drapery & Shade near Ann Arbor, Michigan (MI)

Custom Duvet Covers

Duvets differ from comforters in the fact that “duvets” are actually two pieces - the duvet insert and its cover. This allows duvets to be more easily washed and swapped than comforters. A high-quality insert can last for years, but you can always keep your bed looking freshly styled with as many duvet covers as you like. Change them every season, week, or mood - the options are endless!

Custom Pillows

Custom pillows include Euro shams, front shams, and accent pillows. These pillows are of different heights and widths to give your bed volume and dimension - and to make it extra comfortable. However, be careful not to add to many pillows, or getting into your bed may be become an arduous task!  Keep your pillow population to two to three each row, with a descending amount every layer. Your pillows often carry the most accents for your bed, and so should be able to be properly arranged for a clean, kempt look.

Custom pillows and custom shams from Delux Drapery & Shade Co near Ann Arbor, Michigan (MI)
Custom quilts, throws, and coverlets from Delux Drapery & Shade Co near Ann Arbor, Michigan (MI)

Quilts, Throws, Coverlets, and Bedspreads

Put the finishing touches on your bed with extra decorative and functional layers. Quilts and throws can be simply folded at the end of your bed as an optional layer of warmth. Coverlets, similar to quilts, may be placed at the foot of the bed but are also commonly used as a light layer between your duvet and your sheets. A bedspread is a much larger layer - typically floor-length - and is used over your duvet for an extra luxurious look.

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Delux Drapery & Shade has everything you need to make your interiors comfortable, attractive, and inviting. We have three generations of experience in the interior design, and as a family-owned business, your values are our values. We listen to you to create the custom bedding that makes your room special. Call or contact us today for more information on our custom bedding, or visit us in store in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  We are proud to provide our expertise to homes in Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti, Saline, Chelsea, Dexter, Manchester, Howell, Brighton, and all of Washtenaw County, MI. We look forward to helping you.

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