Motorized window coverings, for sale at Delux Drapery & Shade Co in Ann Arbor, MI
Silhouette® window shadings with Motorization

Motorized Window Coverings are Intelligent and Convenient

Motorized window treatments are a great addition to any home. These window treatments offer a wide range of benefits that traditional window treatments will not afford you, the first of which is improving the comfort of your home. Motorized blinds and shades make your rooms more comfortable throughout the day. They can be programmed to open and close at different times of the day based on your needs and the changing outside temperatures. If you are at work during the day and no one is present in your home, you can program your window treatments to lower and raise the temperature for energy efficiency and comfort needs. Along with adjusting the temperature in your home with your window treatments, you can program your shades to wake you up in the morning with natural light, close in the evenings when privacy is needed, and open and close periodically throughout the day or in certain rooms that are frequently used at specific times. With motorized blinds and shades, this is easy to achieve. 

Delux Drapery & Shade Co offers Hunter Douglas PowerView® Motorization — recipient of the 2016 Red Dot Design Award, the most coveted and prestigious designation in the world of design the PowerView® Motorization system is the latest in home technology. If you have more questions about this advanced Hunter Douglas operating system, our team of professionals can help you with any questions or concerns.

Motorized Silhouette window shadings, for sale at Delux Drapery & Shade Co in Ann Arbor, MI
Silhouette® window shadings with PowerView® Motorization
Motorized kitchen shades, for sale at Delux Drapery & Shade Co in Ann Arbor, MI
PowerView® Pebble Remote Control

As stated above, motorized blinds and shades can be used on a pre-programmed schedule of operation. This schedule will eliminate ever needing to think about adjusting your blinds and shades again. A schedule of operation is not the only thing that these window treatments will simplify. In addition to this, motorized blinds and shades are adjusted with the use of the PowerView™ App or Remote, making these window treatments easy to use for every range of mobility. We will guide you to the best motorized window covering solution for your home. Contact us today for more information or to make an appointment.

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