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We can create beautiful custom slipcovers for your furniture at Delux Drapery & Shade Co in Ann Arbor, MI

Slipcovers are an excellent option for refreshing your home’s decor. Whether you’re tired of looking at your old sofa or you enjoy decorating for the change of seasons, slipcovers allow you to change the look of your furniture without the expense of replacing it.

At Delux Drapery & Shade Co in Ann Arbor, MI we have an incredible selection of fabrics to choose from, and we have the best slip covers you'll ever find, all custom done for your own furniture.

There are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing the right slipcovers for your existing furniture. Read on for some helpful tips.


Tip#1: Color


Color is probably the most important factor when considering new slipcovers. The new slipcover needs to match the colors around it in the room. If you have dark walls or dark decor, choose a dark slipcover that complements the other dark colors in the room.


Tip# 2: Pattern


After you’ve chosen a color that best complements your decor and your personal style, it’s time to choose a pattern for your slipcover. It’s best to pick a pattern that doesn’t clash with any existing patterns on furniture, window treatments or wallpaper in the same room. Keep in mind that in most cases, solid colors are a great choice.



Tip #3 Material


The third thing to consider when choosing the right slipcover is material. Pick a material that’s comfortable to sit on. If you have a leather sofa and you’re ready for a change, consider a microfiber slipcover. Another factor to consider is pets. If you have a pet that tends to shed hair on the sofa, choose a slipcover material that hair doesn’t tend to cling to, such as a polyester blend or denim.

Do you need fabrics that can be washed or dry cleaned because of pets or children? Slipcovers are the perfect cost-effective answer for your chairs, sofas, couches, sectionals or recliners.

Choose from a variety of styles, fabrics and colors that can give your furniture a fresh designer look.

Please contact us for more information.

We offer beautiful custom slipcovers at Delux Drapery & Shade Co in Ann Arbor, MI
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