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Blind and Shutter Repairs, offered by Delux Drapery & Shade Co in Ann Arbor, MI
Heritance® hardwood shutters

We Can Repair Almost Any Blind and Shutter

Do you have a shutter with a broken louver?  Or a blind with a broken slat? Delux Drapery & Shade Co in Ann Arbor, MI can fix your Hunter Douglas window treatment problem.

We understand how important your blinds and shutters are to you and the important role they play in your home. From providing privacy and light control to providing insulation and tying together your home’s unique style, it’s important they they’re operating the way they should. 

Replacing a broken blind with a completely new one might be cost effective, but finding an exact match for blinds purchased years ago by a previous owner could be very challenging. 
Blind Repairs, offered by Delux Drapery & Shade Co in Ann Arbor, MI
EverWood® alternative wood blinds
Instead of replacing all the blinds in the room to keep it your look uniform, you might want to have the damaged unit repaired. Each component of a blind can be repaired or replaced with new parts. Our technicians can conduct most repairs onsite. With the right techniques, a blind can be completely restrung with new ladder cords, lift cords, and cord locks to restore their condition to like-new. Broken slats can be replaced with new, color-matched components.

Count on our experienced staff to repair your blinds and shutters quickly and professionally.

Some homeowners who have inherited a house full of plantation shutters are unaware that most shutters have features that permit a wide range of service and repair without the need to completely rebuild or replace them with expensive alternatives. For example, in most products, individual slats can be removed and replaced without separating the stiles from the frame rails. Louvers that won’t stay open can be adjusted with tension screws. Damaged frames can often be repaired using professional techniques, or replaced with new material. Many hybrid shutter styles are designed with special hardware in the joints that make tight connections without the need for traditional frame construction techniques like dovetail or mortise and tenon wood joints.

Homeowners have been extremely pleased with the results of a professional refinish of their plantation shutters. A common method is to remove and respray the slats offsite to ensure a flawless coat of new color. Imperfections in the surface of the slats can be corrected with the right techniques. The frames are most often repainted in place, along with other trim in the home.

Count on our experienced staff to repair your blinds and shutters quickly and professionally, and get your repaired window treatments back to you as soon as possible. Call us today for an in-home visit, or, if you prefer, drop off your broken blinds or shutters to our showroom on West Stadium Blvd in Ann Arbor, MI. Our repair experts can assess the damage and give you a cost and time estimate. Many Hunter Douglas products can be repaired at no cost to you due to their Limited Lifetime Guarantee.

Repairs from Delux Drapery must have been purchased through us, or be Hunter Douglas products only. We no longer repair products that are not Hunter Douglas.

Please contact us to get started with your repair.
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